Iranian art of handmade carpet industry will shine at Expo 2020 Dubai certainly
The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the National Carpet Center of Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran International Exhibitions Company was signed to introduce the capacities of the Iranian handmade carpet industry at Expo 2020 Dubai.
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Director of Iran Expo Committee said:
Dubai Expo is an opportunity to introduce Iranian rich civilization to the world
Morteza Deilan said on the sidelines of the trip to Isfahan International Exhibition: “Expo 2020 UAE is an opportunity to attract international investors and introduce the Iranian rich civilization.
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Iran General Commissar of Expo 2020 Dubai said
Isfahan completes the Medal Shining with a strong presence at Expo 2020 Dubai
Isfahan export opportunities and capacities meeting on Expo 2020 Dubai was held by the presence of Advisor to the Minister, Chairman of the board and managing director of the I.R.IRAN International Exhibitions Company, Dr. Hassan Zamani; Deputy Governor, Mayor of Isfahan, some numbers of government organization managers and also members of Isfahan City Council in Isfahan International Permanent Fairground.
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Signing a MOU of cooperation between the I.R.IRAN International Exhibitions Company and the Iranian Investment Organization
In order to improve the level of cooperation and effective use of the capabilities, resources and executive capacities of the Investment Organization of Iran, a bilateral MOU was signed between the I.R.IRAN International Exhibitions Company and the Iranian Investment Organization.
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Expo activities in winter 2021
Holding several meetings of Expo 2020 Dubai Headquarter
Several meetings of the EXPO 2020 various Iranian committees were held at the Islamic Republic of IRAN International Permanent Fairground on the same time with holding the specialized and industrial exhibitions of mines, paints and auto parts, simultaneously.
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