Governor of Fars Province said:
Fars Province has countless potential to present at Expo 2020
The Governor of Fars Province in the meeting of the Expo that was held in this province announced that the tourism and economic committees in the working group related to the Expo will be activated, so Fars Province can benefit more from this event.
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Management of Iran Pavilion in Expo 2020 is a successful symbol of cooperation and interaction between the public and private sectors in the country
I.R.IRAN International Exhibitions Company and the Iran-UAE Chamber of Commerce held a joint press conference about the Expo with the aim of quantitatively and qualitatively improving the content of the Iranian pavilion.
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Dr. Mofateh and the Expo team met the Ministers of Economy and Expo Affairs of the UAE in Dubai about the I.R.IRAN Pavilion
In order to preparation and planning for the Islamic Republic of Iran participation in Expo 2020 Dubai - UAE and visiting the construction process of our pavilion, and also meeting and negotiating with relevant officials of the UAE, a delegation who are headed by Deputy Minister of Industry , Mine and Trade on Commercial Affairs, Dr. Mofateh, and Advisor to the Minister of Industry - Mine and Trade, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of the Islamic Republic of Iran International Exhibitions Company Dr. Zamani traveled to the UAE and Dubai on Tuesday, 22 June 2021.
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Iran Pavilion was selected as one of the 8 most architecturally significant pavilions of Expo 2020
According to the announcement by Expo 2020 Dubai, the structure of the pavilion of our country was selected as one of the top designs in this global event.
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Norway is interested in expanding exhibition cooperation with Iran
The Norwegian Ambassador in Iran asked for increasing economic and exhibition cooperation with Iran at Expo 2020 and International Exhibitions.
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