Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade

Islamic Republic of Iran International Exhibitions Company

Public Invitation to Two-Stage Tender

“Tender No. 2098001063000015”

“Selection of Architect of Record (AoR) consultant for reviewing and completing the designs prepared by the Islamic Republic of Iran Pavilion designer and coordinating the obtaining of the final permit for construction of the Islamic Republic of Iran Pavilion for preparing the documents and selection of the contractor for construction of the pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE“

I. R. Iran International Exhibitions Company intends to conduct the abovementioned tender through this website .

Tenderers’ bid quotations shall be valid for three months. 

Deadline for obtaining tender documents from the website: 16:15, Wednesday, 22.08.1398 (November 13, 2019)

Deadline for submitting bids: 16:15, Saturday, 02.09.1398 (November 23, 2019)

Envelopes will be opened at 11:00, Sunday, 03.09.1398 (November 24, 2019)

Principal government organization (client) contact information for more information on tender documents:

Address: Expo HQ, Hall 61, Iran International Exhibitions Company, Chamran Highway, Tehran

Tel: +98 21 21912534; Website:

SETAD system contact information for completing the system membership process:

Call center: +98 21 41934; Registration Office: +98 21 88969737 – 85193768

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